Giving Away Bikes 2010

Here's the deal. If I sell 1,000 copies of my book from my web site by March 31*, I will donate $3000 to Kimberlee's Bikes for Kids, an organization that puts second and third graders on bikes, all over the country.

I will take another $3000 and buy one reader a hefty gift certificate at their local bike shop.

Then, in my first income draw ever from my book, I will buy myself a bike too. I just think it would be more fun to buy a bunch of people bikes. And since I can, I will.

I know there are people out there who haven't read my book, who would want to read it, because it would let them know they are not alone dealing with disordered eating or severe body image issues. It would show them love is possible even when those issues are in your life.

People who do read this book tell me it made them feel better. Less alone. Ready to do something, try something different for a better life.

I really want people to feel better about their lives in their bodies. Sometimes hearing that someone else has been there in your same struggle can be a starting point to feel better.

Go here to order. You MUST buy from my web site for this deal. All you people who have raced to Amazon in the last month to buy the book, oh my gosh wow! thank you forever, but I can't give you a bike.

Go here to read more about the book.

Or here to read the long post about how I decided to do this promotion.

Then go online and start daydreaming about the bike you want me to buy you!

*Rules and Notes

The original deadline was March 1. Then it was pointed out to me that nobody was getting bikes because I hadn't told anyone about the promotion. So I am getting the word out. March 31 is the date.

If I sell 1000 copies from my web site by March 1 (help me out, Internet!), I will throw in a fluid trainer too. So even if you think you can't ride a bike, you can learn and spin, stationary, in the comfort of your home until you are ready to try the road.

If I don't sell 1000 copies by March 31, and that is now a firm deadline as I do NOT HAVE the patience to keep extending — then $3 of every sale will still go to Kimberlee's Bikes, and $3 of every sale will still go to one lucky reader's gift certificate. (I probably won't get a bike. You might get something cool.)

Come on, Internet! We can do this! 1000 people who want to read a life-changing book? And get a shot at a sweet bike? Buy the book today!