The Little Trolley Runner That Could

Some lessons I learned from the 20th Annual Trolley Run:

  1. I can run 4 miles without breaking pace. Yes I can.
  2. Paradox: I can probably run it faster than I did and yet I did my best.
  3. If it's 45 degrees out, it might be okay to go with short sleeves, but wear gloves.
  4. For goodness' sake, wear gloves.
The Trolley Run raises money for the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired. More than 10,000 people ran the flat-to-downhill 4-mile course this year, the fastest of us finishing in just over 18 minutes, and all of us having a blast.

The street bands in Brookside and on the Plaza were playing Clash covers. Inevitably, the Clash-loving runner speeds up and she can barely keep from doing moon leaps. Ay! Oy! Let's go!

My time was 47:42:8 for an 11:56 pace -- 30 seconds off my pace from last September. I ran the first mile more conservatively than I needed and probably could have pushed myself harder on the steepest downhills. But I think part of the fun of starting to run is learning what your personal best is so that you can live up to it and challenge it.

Statistics help with that, but I want to remember, over the long run as it were, that stats are not the reason for persistence. Really, it's all about the moon leaps. And about the shoes, which make me feel invincible. I had to choose between these:

The new Saucony pair on the left, which make me feel bionic, and the favorite, best pair of shoes I have ever owned, the worn Adidas on the right. Which have made me, a former humble ground snail, feel as though I am flying.

I almost went with the Adidas for sentimental reasons. Joint pain beats sentiment, in case you wondered which way to bet.

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