Some good coaching

Two good friends helped me practice transitions tonight. Here they are:

We camped out in my driveway. I put some topsoil in an old plastic dishpan and added water to simulate lake mud, then laid out my T1 stuff on a towel. Everything but the shirt; I thought it best not to parade in my sports bra for the neighbors.

I muddied my feet, ran around the driveway, and yelled Go! when I got to the towel. Coach #1 hit the stopwatch. Coach #2 crouched near the transition towel and watched for things I fumbled.

Transition order: Grab water bottle and splash feet. Sit down. Sock 1, sock 2, shoe 1, shoe 2, kneel, shirt, race belt, glasses, helmet clipped, right foot forward, tighten strap, left foot up, tighten strap, stand. Stop!

This took 1:04 on the third run - which seems like forever, and will feel like longer since transition will include getting up the hill to the bike and getting the bike to the mount line.

Coach on the stopwatch called out, "Faster! You're not going to make it! That's 55, 56, 57, go fast!" Ha. Coach on the towel told me it takes too long to do the socks. I told them both they had the makings of great triathlon coaches.

After we finished, they gave me this picture of the Olympic torch, which their younger brother had painted. "So you'll run faster," they said.

And darned if I don't think it'll work.