DIY Race Belt Pocket

This feat of engineering is the cheapest piece of equipment I have and also one of the most effective. It's a do-it-yourself add-on pocket for my race belt.

Here's how to make your own:

Reinforce the back of a snack-size plastic baggie with duct tape. Use the kind of baggie that has a "gripper" fastener, not a "zipper" fastener.

Take three hair elastics and run pieces of duct tape through them to fasten to the back of the baggie. Slip your race belt through the loops.

Done! A handy place for your Shot Bloks, unwrapped granola bar, or whatever else you don't want gumming up your jersey pockets. You can even leave it partly open without worrying about stuff falling out.

I pondered this problem for a couple of weeks while shopping online for fancy add-on pockets. Usually these great ideas don't work so well in real life. But this one did!