Bike Dream #2

N. and I have ridden our bikes to a neighborhood picnic. It's not our neighborhood, but for some reason no one is kicking us out, and there are a lot of kids on bikes and adults hanging out with their bikes. The air is thick with a singular blend of barbecue sauce, mowed grass, and kid sweat.

For some reason there are a lot of concrete bumpers, like the ones in parking lots. N. is off schmoozing the hosts and I start bunnyhopping the concrete curbs from almost a standstill just to see if I can do it. Hey! I can! Cool! I call N. but he is fishing around in the beer cooler (still on his bike, naturally). I bunnyhop away, completely tickled. It's more fun than trampolines.

Suddenly I know I'm dreaming and think, Ah! Look down! What bike am I riding?! and I wake up.