Swim drills

Okay, so I mentioned once or twice before that I love swim drills. I know I am not the most brilliant advertisement for any swim drills, but hey, getting my stroke count down from 29 to 21 is a big deal for me!

(I just helped some of you feel like superior beings, didn't I?)

Here are three freestyle swim drills that are helping me find my way down the lane.

Fingertip Drag
Instead of recovering over the water, drag your fingertips forward through the water, directly under a high elbow, dropping your hand in the water just at the point before your elbow would have to drop. What it does: I can only execute this if I keep the elbow high and the hand close to my body. This makes me rotate a little more fully. This is a relaxing drill; it's slow, so I can really focus on feeling how my body responds in the water.

Head Touch
Instead of the usual recovery, touch your head with your fingertips before you re-enter. What it does: Forces me to keep my other arm extended until my recovery arm has moved far enough forward. This helps keep the body line long, helps me get a stronger anchor and pull, and is helping me learn to keep my forward arm extended when I rotate to breathe. If you start the pull too soon on this drill, you might get a little chlorine gargle.

Long Axis
Three freestyle strokes, then with the last pull, roll all the way onto your back and take three backstrokes, and with the last pull, roll all the way onto your front again. Proceed down the lane. This drill helps with balance and rotation, and besides, it's fun and makes me feel like a sea lion.

See you in the pool!