Running with Zip

Short post tonight. I have to pull gear together for two runs tomorrow. With the trails open and rain in the forecast, I'm not missing a chance to loop around Orange at lunch tomorrow.

And in the morning I'm running with Zip. A couple of times a week we do a 6 AM wake-up run, two and a half or three miles, slow and conversational. It charges the batteries.

You can't start the day in a bad mood when you run with somebody like Zip. I mean, THIS is Zip:

That's her spirit pretty much all the time. That's how she cheers for everybody else too, in races and out. The way she goes at her day, she should probably be wearing a bib number for regular life.

I hope we always get to run or bike or swim with people who make us want to be better in the ways that they are great.

See you in the morning, Zip.


Anonymous said...

Ann - running with you today was GREAT -- as alwasy!!! You are my coach, my cheerleader, my encouragement! Love seeing the sunrise at the end of our run! How rewarding to have time with a good friend! Luv, Zip