TK's workout for Dec-Jan

I didn't share Trainer Kevin's last workout with you. I have good intentions of putting up pages sometime with the entire workout progression. (I had good intentions of sharing the last workout, too.)

The salient points of that workout were ball pushups; single leg hops onto a 2-inch riser; and a lot of bench dips. The single leg hop was fun. Kevin brought the riser and told me what he wanted and said, "You're gonna have to trust me here. You can do this." What, do I look timid? Please. After running rocky trails, this abbreviated hop does not worry me.

The 4-inch riser, however, makes me focus. Here's the workout for the next 3 weeks.

Core Supersets

  • Leg raises with a ball squeezed between the feet. 15 x 3. These are hard. People look on in pity.
  • Nautilus crunches. 12 x 3 @ 60 pounds (and increasing).
Single Leg Extravaganza
  • Single leg hops on a four-inch riser. 8 x 3 each foot. (Don't get lazy. Not much fun to make it 2/3 way up.)
Then superset all this stuff:
  • Walking lunges with 6 pound bar (held like a spear overhead) - 10 steps each arm x 3.
  • Single leg band chest press, red band, 10x3.
  • Single leg band row, red band, 10x3.
  • Hamstring curls on the exercise ball, 20x3
  • Step ups with the blue band wrapped under the 12" bench, one end in each hand, 10x3
  • Bench dips on the exercise ball, 20x3
  • Curls with the red band held under my feet, 20x3
Then lots and lots of stretching, because, wow.