Half doubt, half delirium

I have always been a "glass is half empty" person. Because if my glass is half full, that's all I get. But if the glass is half empty, woo-hoo! Let's go top it up! When I was a kid I always had to remind myself that everybody else had this backwards.

So when doubts began to coalesce in my head about this week's half marathon (Baby's First Half! Surely someone makes a useless commemorative piece o plastic crap for that), I was distracted but also heartened.

Distracted by this: "Am I insane? Do I have any business trying to run 13 miles? Why did I want to do this?"

And heartened because even if I were half full of doubt about the half, that leaves 50% of my entire being to be sloshing around with excitement, belief, energy, happy goofy go-get-ems... in short, fun!

And I am nowhere near half full of doubt. Even with the craziness precipitated by the mere utterance of the words "stress fracture." Even with that freak-out, I was at most 5% doubt and 95% empty glass. Today, even with my pissy-diva lower leg on its fainting couch, I am starting to fill up with giddiness.

More about the leg melodrama in a while, since I am seeing an actual medical professional this afternoon.


Foodie said...

I have never done a half - only a 10k and I will tell you that because I "ran" it so slowly that I talked to my friend the entire time, when it was over I'm sure I could have run it again.

So just take it as slow as you can possibly stand until mile 12 is done. Then, if you have any desire, you run - really run. You know you could walk it, so you can do that when you need to as well. You can do it. Slow and easy and you'll do it just fine.