Magic Laigs

Jenny: What's wrong with yore laigs?
Forrest: My legs are just fine and dandy, thank you very much.

February and March were all about legs. Early in February, I asked Trainer Kevin to help me hammer them in a last-hurrah of gym training before spring cycling began. He did not disappoint.

The workout for Feb/Mar, in short: 3 sets crunches, 3 sets single leg lifts; 4 sets goblet squats, squat presses, standing squats, walking lunges; 5 sets hamstring curls with progressive weights on the prone bench; 3 sets hamstring curls with light weight in the chair; 4 sets smith bar pushups, 4 sets smith bar pullups; 4 sets bench dips and concentration curls. FAN-TASTIC.

I hopped on the bike trainer a couple times a week — not enough to make tremendous progress through the winter but enough to raise my fatigue point a notch. And of course, there was running, lots of it.

Since last Thursday, I've had 5 days of graduation party for my legs. The commute to work. Training runs in the minimalist shoes. The first spring 20-miler on the FX. More running. And yeah, these legs are a lot stronger and springier than they were in say, October. Recover more quickly and fully from short, hard efforts.

I could have gotten stronger on the bike. Ha. I am always going to wish that! So it is irrelevant to the fun! I'm strong enough to thoroughly enjoy the efforts in front of me this season, even the stuff that on paper is leaps beyond me. Hey, ESPECIALLY that stuff. Who can ask for more?

Today I'm resting the legs, even though they're already begging me to run on them or take them on the bike. Muscles need to repair and regenerate. They don't know what's in store next week! Swimming later, no kick drills tonight. And tomorrow, Trainer Kevin again.

To whom I said, "My core can take whatever you want to throw at it. Hit me." And got in return his "o-ho, Pai, you're mine now" laugh. We will see. I and my transverse abdominis say Bring it.

Jenny: Are you stupid or something?
Forrest: My mama says stupid is as stupid does.