Presto Change-o

Tomorrow is the start of the local multisport season. Notice I do not say triathlon season. The race directors sent out an e-mail today saying that the swim leg had been canceled because of inclement weather. As we are not expecting lightning, I suppose this means the water temperature has plummeted beyond what is reasonable. All 450 participants will run the duathlon.

Well. Good thing I do not think of myself as Annie Pai the Triathlete, because this might have been very disappointing. My whole identity might have been called into question.

I might be sitting here tonight, sobbing fitfully into my neoprene. Neoprene does not make a good snot rag, so good thing the race change doesn't rock my boat.

That water was gonna be REALLY cold. The first triathlon is now a week away, so I get to experience the season-opener anticipation all over again. AND I get some fantastic duathlon experience as opposed to an atypical triathlon experience.

I have no idea if my legs are ready to do that much running. I haven't run as much lately and it feels funny. After the KC Tri, I want some longer runs. (Good thing I want that, as Hospital Hill 10K is just two deep breaths away.) It is strange and wonderful to have your body tell you what it wants you to do next, and have that thing not be to fall asleep in front of the TV.

I understand there are some hills on tomorrow's run. That's the part I'm looking forward to the most. The roads will be wet, so the bike leg will demand I stay alert. I asked N. for advice on riding wet roads. Watch out for manhole covers, he says. I wonder if he learned that one the hard way.

It's odd. Race day doesn't feel like Christmas morning the way it did last year. It's starting to become a little more routine.

It feels like homecoming.