Then and Now

Change, how it happens and how we perceive it, is interesting to me. This past year, I didn't realize along the way how much stronger I was becoming.

I sort of realized I was becoming someone who expected more than to finish — who expected to race well. This really sank in when I wasn't happy with my WINforKC triathlon time. (I don't know who could be too excited about a 19 minute swim except for the sheer glorious stubbornness of it.)

And then I compared my results from last year to my results from this year. I stopped feeling disheartened. Do new things; get new results. Maybe not the ones you expect, but new ones.

Some of you will appreciate data. Some prefer pictures. Here's a bit of both.

WINforKC triathlon statistics - 1 year comparison

(Wooooooo-hoo, look at the change in running form!)


Kara Van Meter said...

I like it!! Way to go Ann!