Single leg

I miss Trainer Kevin. He doesn't work at my gym anymore. We send the occasional text message back and forth. I'm going through the workouts he put together for me last year: single-leg work, compound movements, core.

The single-leg stuff this week consists of a single-leg bridge on the exercise ball, single-leg band rows, and a single-leg combination where I stand on one foot and curl weights up then do a shoulder press. I'm trying something new with the standing single-leg movements.

Here's how I was standing last year during single-leg movements. (Blurry pic but you'll get the idea.)

Having my knee raised to the front helped me keep my balance when I couldn't do a single-leg toe touch without falling over.
The idea behind single-leg work is that it supports the single-leg activities of running and cycling. So why not reinforce the posture of those single-leg activities? Not so easy to mimic the cycling posture. But when standing on one foot I can certainly reinforce the running posture.
Knee under hip, leg dangling from core.
I don't know whether this is an approved technique, but you do what you practice. So why miss a chance to memorize better form? And maybe strengthen the exact muscles required to help maintain that form.