Bike Dream #3

I am in a race, in the woods. All the racers are on cross bikes. The race is part of the summer's points series.

In this race, there are three stacked loops, ranging from easy to difficult. The riders can choose to ride any combination of the loops, passing checkpoints. We get race points at each checkpoint. The more technical loops are worth more points. But the racers do not accrue points through the season.

Our bike mechanics do.

It is early in the race and my bike mechanic is posted near the checkpoint for the easy loop. I pass him and am headed toward the intersection of the loops. I am a novice rider. Go left, and it becomes more technical than I have ever ridden. The first obstacle out there is a jump. I can't tell what my bike mechanic is yelling at me. He's yelling and yelling, but my bike is fine. I'm going fast. I can't think. Almost there. Waking waking GO LEFT.

(Whoo. You know y'all... I used to dream about normal things, like giant reanimated chicken gizzards, or Johnny Depp.)