Dog Days Are Over

A couple of months ago, I built a mountain bike. And no one ever heard from me again. You do the math.

I was also in an existential snail shell. I'm out, mostly, and boy, do we have a lot to talk about. Zumba princesses, 4 races, shetland ponies, flat tires, drivers license pictures, running uphill, the nature of forgiveness, soccer envy, the corn chip mudslide phenomenon... whew.

A couple new things: New sanity rule that blog posts are 600 words or less. And after the jump, as long as YouTube is out there, music. Stuff from my running playlists. Tunes that make me want to jump up and run around like the world was some hilarious impromptu duck duck goose game.

I'm here to share what keeps me going, moving, smiling. Because the world is not a toybox or playground. It's a relentless shitstorm where too few of us are fortunate enough to have raincoats, hats, and lanterns. And I really don't know what to do to except offer you my hat, swing my little lantern, and suggest that we walk together a ways.

It's a start.