I don't like the treadmill. I know some people do. It's much harder work than running outside, where you can launch forward from rock or dirt or pavement. Treadmill = struggle.

Sunday I was on a treadmill for four hours, with a box of water and gatorade bottles on the floor. The grade and distance mimicked the Pike's Peak route. At about mile 10, drenched and flinging sweat, legs numb, I said, "I could stop. But I would just have to do it all over again." So I finished.

Some observations:

1) In March I couldn't run at 11% grade for three minutes. The human body is scarily adaptive.

2) This in no way simulates running up a mountain. No rocks. No high steps. But the people who know best say the treadmill is an effective tool for flatland preparation.

3) If you start saying "have to," everything looks like a treadmill.

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