Grand Slam for Zambia

The best money I ever gave to charity was a small sum to a woman in Pune, India, who was raising money to buy bicycles for village girls.

The junior high was in another village, too far for girls to walk alone. So their educations were ending at age 12 and bright, motivated girls were channelled into restricted lives.

They sent us a picture of themselves with the new bicycles. Girls would share the bikes so they could go to school in shifts. I looked at that picture every day for a week and cried every time I looked at it.

Buying a bike for a kid in a developing country is one of the best things you can do. Ever. It makes the planet a better place and changes a person's life in a tangible and permanent way. Here's your chance.

Go to the Fat Cyclist web site and read about the Grand Slam for Zambia. See how little it takes to do something amazing. Give if you can, and please repost, retweet, or FB if you can't. Thank you!