My first cyclocross dismount

OK, I promise. Tonight is my first clean shot at a chance to write the Pike's Peak race report and supplementary detail. But cool stuff keeps happening in the meantime.

Last night my pal Mallika (aka The Blaze as she has a long record of fast marathon paces) and I went to the park to roll around on our bikes. The Blaze has been on a bike for less than a week and is picking up the feel for it fast. The deal last night was that I would ride around with her and be cheerful, helpful company while she gets a feel for balance and momentum, and she would hang out and keep me company, possibly videotaping, while I tried some new bike skill.

If you recall, last year's cyclocross attempt was less than promising. But moving around on a bike that way looks like fun, and my bike really wants me to have fun on it. So here we go:

How to Dismount For Cyclocross, by Ann Pai

Unclip your right foot. Put your right foot down on the left side of the bike. Don't think about too much else. It will work out OK.

I didn't fall until I tried something silly. See if you can pick out the moment when I took leave of my senses.

The Blaze quite naturally let go of the record button when she saw me going down. ("Oh, I didn't get it on tape! That's a shame! Do you want to fake the fall again?" "Yeah, I think I'd have to really fall again." "Well, do you want to fall again? It would be great video.")

P.S. If you are going to fall, do it just outside right field of the Smoking Hot Men's Softball Team practice. That is probably not their real team name. Falling on a bicycle in the grass is an effective way to draw the attention of 10 Smoking Hot Men. As it turns out.

Let's just say that all those internet pages and youtube videos you will see that say to put your hand firmly on the top tube, well, are UNNECESSARY for a beginner to emulate.

You do not need to cross your right foot between your left and the bike. You do not need to put your hand on the top tube. Just bring your leg around and set your foot down. That's it. You will do the rest pretty much automatically. Really.