Welcome to WINforKC Wednesday

I've talked to a half-dozen women over the last few months who have looked me in the eye, drawn a deep breath, and said: "I'm doing the triathlon."

THE triathlon. For the Kansas City area, the WINforKC women's sprint triathlon in Smithville, Missouri is becoming a game-changer. Every year, more than a thousand women sign up. Every year, 70% of the field are first-time triathletes.

Some of these are women who had never run, who couldn't swim, who hadn't ridden a bike since training wheels when they signed up. Women like I was. And every year, almost a thousand women learn how much stronger they are than they thought. How much they can accomplish in the bodies they are already in.

Every year, Kansas City through its women gets stronger, bolder, more confident. I'm proud to have been part of this.

The women who talk to me about doing the triathlon, knowing where I started (almost on the couch!) and where I am now (racing my fool head off, getting a podium now and again!) have lots of questions about how to get started.

So I'm writing WINforKC Wednesdays. I'm not a professional coach, or a nutritionist, or a trainer of any stripe. But I'll share from my experience and give whatever thoughts and encouragement I have that might help you.

What I have for you today: It doesn't matter if you are heavy. It doesn't matter if you are slow. It doesn't matter if you are older. If WINforKC holds the faintest gleam of appeal for you, GO FOR IT. You can participate. You can complete.

What matters is your determination. What matters is your willingness to go into temporary discomfort for something really, truly worthwhile and lasting. What matters is your belief that one step in front of another will lead you to a goal.

If you're thinking about it, GO FOR IT. There's a whole lot of support out here for you. We're a big community of stronger, bolder, more confident women, and we want you to race where we've raced. We want to cheer you across the line.

Get out your calendar; mark it with a star — registration opens February 3.