It's right there on the trail signs: Mountain biking is an inherently risky activity.

It's true. You can be riding along as light as a meadowlark and suddenly you are heavy on your butt at the side of the trail, your bike splayed across the dirt and you staring in shock at your arm out of its socket. Then so much for that ride!

I'll circle back around to the story of this mishap. The short version is that my shoulder was dislocated on June 6 and I am off the mountain bike, with a very limited range of motion at the start, for 2 months, with continuing rehab at minimum through autumn.

Two months is not very long. It is barely long enough for this:

(1) Stronger legs.
(2) Stronger core.
(3) Better balance.
(4) A fully rehabbed foot, no more plantar fasciitis.
(5) Learning how to cable my own bike.
(6) Fine tune my diet.
(7) Give you a sneaky grin, because I think there's even more possible.

Come back to the bike weak? I don't think so! How about stronger, lighter, leaner, and with an attitude to rock the forest! Yeah, let's do it that way.