Ladies and gentlemen, introducing...

the one...

the only...


I cannot believe she is mine. I cannot believe how much I love riding her. It feels incredibly intimate to tell you that I ride her. It makes me shiver a little.

David Rainey, who built Gogo. David, she shifts like a whispered snap of silk.

I mean, just look at her. Clearly between the two of us she is the dominatrix.

I tried to look as bad-ass as this bike for the pictures. Sorry. Could not get the goofy smile off my face. (ZL, do not give me grief about those reflectors. They're coming off. Give me a list of de-fredding procedures for bikes and I will post it.)

I am looking forward to racing on this bike. To Sunday morning bike church rides. To weekday morning rides, pushing alone, at sunup. To sucking wind on the hills at Shawnee Mission prior to a run on the trails. To charity rides and other 40, 50, 60-mile flights of unreal work and pleasure. I'm looking forward to what Gogo is going to do to me.

And I'm looking forward to bike path commutes sans Gogo, letting her rest at home, pampered. I'm looking forward to more MTB rides on the novice trails, a completely different solid-state physics. Riding one great bike somehow helps me love all of it that much more. Heck, I would even understand how to love the cro-moly dragon better now (though I'd rip off the torture chambers toe cages).

I'm looking forward to being on the bike, loving the bike, getting other women onto bikes. Because once they see Gogo, they will want a piece of this too.

Who wouldn't?

Gogo, having decided I am OK with her, after our first ride in a light rain


Kelly G. Loeb said...

It's so much fun to read about your being gaga for Gogo! Happy riding :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo she is gorgeous. I'd totally flirt with her in a club, even though she's not my type. Those badass types draw us all in.