I hoped to minimize the bruising. I wanted to look good in my Christmas party dress, and blackened legs might spoil the effect.

So I stayed off the nearby rocky trails last week and drove further to the flat river trails for this valuable lesson about hesitation, roots, the velocity of steel bicycles, and the ginzu knife mojo of eggbeater pedals:

Yes. Not five minutes into the ride! This, and the giant rug burn on my forearm from my long sleeved t-shirt. I was sooooooo going to be the prettiest girl at the party! Ha!

Not too deep, but one of those you know is going to be ugly because it doesn't bleed right away. Lots of guys on the trail that day riding up behind me and saying, WOW. SOME CUT. IT'S CLOTTING UP OK. HOPE YOUR TETANUS IS UP TO DATE.

Um. It is now.
Thanks, Walgreens' Nurse Practitioner. I'm all set now in case of lockjaw, whooping cough, and diptheria.